How to download the latest version of YouTube Vanced (23.09.01). Please watch in the latest version. Troubleshoot errors.

How to download the latest version of YouTube Vanced (23.08.12). Please watch in the latest version. Troubleshoot errors.

Today, we will look at a very simple way to download and install (APK) YouTube Vanced. Recently, YouTube Vanced has undergone constant changes or errors, causing many problems. Even if we fix it, it keeps getting blocked, but we will introduce useful information and various methods as quickly as possible during the download process.

YouTube Vanced is a free app that allows you to use YouTube without ads, and we will look at everything from the installation process to how to use it and its powerful features. We will also explain in detail the precautions and problems to be aware of when using YouTube Vanced. okay?

There is controversy surrounding YouTube Vanced as it has illegal aspects. In this article, we will also summarize this content together. okay?

If you want to pay for YouTube Premium at a lower price, please check the following:

How to pay for YouTube Premium at a lower price

Powerful Features of YouTube Vanced

Ad-free viewing on YouTube

  • You can watch videos on YouTube without ads. Now you can enjoy videos without the stress of ads.

Background playback

  • You can play music in the background like YouTube Music. You can also create playlists and use it as a music app.

Forced HDR setting

  • Do you often have trouble with the video quality on YouTube? YouTube Vanced forces good settings.

Forced maximum resolution setting

  • You can force the maximum resolution setting on YouTube Vanced.

Pinch-to-zoom support on all devices

  • Pinch-to-zoom refers to zooming in or out of the screen with two fingers. YouTube Vanced supports pinch-to-zoom on all devices.

Theme settings available: Dark/Black

  • You can choose a dark or black theme on YouTube Vanced.

PIP (Picture-in-Picture) feature

  • YouTube Vanced provides PIP (Picture-in-Picture) feature. You can watch YouTube videos while using other apps.

Video loop playback

  • You can play videos repeatedly on YouTube Vanced.

Preferred resolution and playback speed playback

  • You can play videos on YouTube Vanced with your preferred resolution and playback speed.

Swipe to adjust brightness/volume

  • You can adjust the screen brightness and volume by swiping on YouTube Vanced. This feature makes video viewing more convenient.

Hide/Move Comments

  • You can hide comments and move them on YouTube Vanced. This feature allows you to hide unnecessary comments and enjoy more effective video viewing by moving comments to a different location.

Resize the mini-screen of the video window

  • You can resize the mini-screen of the video window on YouTube Vanced. This feature helps you continue watching videos while doing other tasks.

Disable Stories (short videos, shorts)

  • You can disable Stories (short videos, shorts) on YouTube Vanced. This feature helps you focus on video viewing. Additionally, if you want faster internet speed, you can activate this feature to enjoy video viewing more smoothly.

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Current Error Occurring

“If an error occurs, please watch on the latest version.” If an error occurs, please log out of your account and delete the app data, then try again. If the problem is still not resolved by this method, you can install the 18.01 version below to log in and watch normally. However, both vanced and microG must be uninstalled and reinstalled.

YouTube Vanced Latest Version Download and Installation Method

As YouTube Vanced has been tampered with by Google, it cannot be downloaded from the official website. Therefore, we have provided a bypass site address where you can download it.

YouTube Vanced Download

First, access the YouTube Vanced website. Then, you will be provided with a link to download.

Please download the installation file below.

Please check the 1-3 download files below.

1. github Vanced.microG

2. YouTube.Vanced.v18.02.33_Dark_Universal(Dark)

3. YouTube.Vanced.v18.02.33_Monet_Universal_hotfix.apk

Please note that YouTube Vanced is an app that provides all the features offered by YouTube. It blocks ads offered by YouTube, streams videos faster, and allows you to listen to music even when the screen is off. Also, YouTube Vanced can be used more safely because rooting or modding is not required.

YouTube Vanced Download Order

First, download and install Vanced MicroG.

Then, download and install one of the following: 2nd or 3rd.

Notes on downloading YouTube Vanced

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First, download and install Vanced MicroG.

Then, download and install one of the following: 2nd or 3rd.

If an app with an unknown source appears, do not cancel it. You must allow it to run.

What? YouTube Vanced still doesn’t work? 

YouTube Vanced NON ROOT and ROOT Differences

YouTube Vanced is a free app that offers more powerful features than the YouTube app. However, since this app is a version that can be installed on a rooted Android, rooting is not recommended. So what is the difference between YouTube Vanced (NON ROOT) and YouTube Vanced (ROOT)?

YouTube Vanced (NON ROOT) is a version that can be used on a general Android device without rooting. On the other hand, YouTube Vanced (ROOT) can only be used on a rooted Android device, so it is not recommended for general users.

So what are the advantages of YouTube Vanced features? The NON ROOT version of YouTube Vanced has the same UI as the YouTube app, but has the advantage of no ads.

It also provides features such as background playback, HDR forced setting, maximum resolution forced setting, pinch-to-zoom, theme setting, PIP function, video repeat playback, preferred resolution and playback speed playback, swipe brightness/volume adjustment, comment hiding/relocation, video window mini-screen size change, and disabled feature of stories (short videos, shorts).

Difference between YouTube Premium and Vanced

Youtube Premium costs about 8,690 won per month and allows you to watch without ads and watch their own content and YouTube music. However, it may feel expensive to people like me who do not use all of that content. As an alternative, it would be better to allow options to use them one by one. The features provided by Premium include the following:

  1. Includes YouTube Music Premium subscription
  2. Removes YouTube ads
  3. YouTube video download function
  4. PIP function that allows you to watch in a small screen
  5. Viewable YouTube original content

Youtube original content includes self-produced dramas, documentaries, and anime. So, what are the features of YouTube Vanced? The Non-Root version of YouTube Vanced allows you to watch Youtube videos without ads and use various functions. The YouTube Vanced (Root) version can be used on devices that can be rooted.

Problem with YouTube Vanced and Premium

Using YouTube Vanced and Premium is not illegal. However, this new way of viewing can be a big loss for YouTube creators.

Regarding this, YouTube creators expect Premium subscribers to provide appropriate profits to creators. It is a common opinion that authors get more revenue when Premium subscribers watch videos than when they see ads.

Using YouTube Vanced may not be good for YouTubers as it doesn’t generate as much revenue. If you use YouTube Vanced, consider becoming a YouTube Premium subscriber to give appropriate revenue back to them.

By the way, because YouTube Music must be used, Premium is also registered.

What is the official website of YouTube Vanced?

Due to the illegal controversy surrounding YouTube Vanced, the official website download has been blocked, and development has been discontinued. However, developers continue to update the app at the request of many users who use the app. Users of YouTube Vanced should refer to the latest information regarding these updates.

If it still doesn’t work, please look for the cause on the site for problem solving.


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